A product of the alternative-skateboarding culture of the 1980s, Jeff loves all things fast, from the dragstrip to backyard pool skating. His early work covering skateboarding and live music was published in magazines including Thrasher, Slap, Heckler, and Trans-World Skateboarding. As a self proclaimed photo nerd, Jeff's quest for further photo knowledge lead him south from California's Central Valley to Los Angeles for an internship at Burke-Triolo Food Pix, where he spent six months in studio learning the weird ways of shooting food and lifestyle photography and commercials. (Three words: lard ice cream.)

After a seven-year stay in San Francisco, where he shot for eHow.com, the San Francisco Chronicle, Yelp, Bitch magazine, and various catalogs, Jeff and his family relocated to Portland to beat the high cost of living in the Bay Area and to enjoy the natural splendor and easy living of the Pacific Northwest. Recent clients include MusicFest NorthWest, Portland State University, Google, Red Bull, and Seal Press.

Aging and injuries may not be kind to former sponsored skateboarders, but an ingrained love of action keeps Jeff on his feet, on his board (at least occasionally), and aware of trends in board sports, car culture, live music, and more. He's as comfortable courting action shots on a bicycle as setting up a precise tabletop still life, and as skilled at capturing a speeding car as he is at finding the perfect composition for a portrait. If Jeff could replace his brain with a camera, he would—until then, he'll have to settle for seeing the world through an engaged, unique lens.